The moon, Jupiter and Saturn

Okay, it’s not my best picture by any means but, it’s the first time I’ve actually started playing with the f-stop and the aperture. The funny thing is, it’s the first picture I took before I started playing around that turned out the best, not that there isn’t room for improvement. One picture at aContinue reading “The moon, Jupiter and Saturn”

Photography & kids

So last night I went to hear Missouri Department of Conservation photographer Noppadol Paothong speak at Powder Valley Nature Center. I not only learned a few things about nature photography, it also reiterated once again, that one of the best things I did for my kids was take them to several of the parks aroundContinue reading “Photography & kids”


So now that I’ve had my camera for a couple of years now, I’ve finally begun to take pictures and mostly pictures of nature during our family vacations to Minnesota. With that said, I wanted to blog about this article tonight in part because this gentleman also takes picture of nature but also for anotherContinue reading “Photography”

Nature in pictures

As someone who has only recently begun to focus on taking pictures of nature and all it holds, I really enjoyed this article entitled “The Magic of the Microscopic World” by Michael D. Lemonick over at Scientific American. As a photographer, I love see the details in nature. Sometimes they are simply amazing. Sincerely-      Continue reading “Nature in pictures”