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Life without plastic

One day recently, on my morning commute by train to work, I noticed all of the plastic bags along the tracks and it was then that I decided to try and reduce and /or eliminate  my use of plastic bags.

Reading the article entitled “Henderson Island is the Most Remote, Most Polluted Place on Earth” by Katherine Martinko at Treehugger has only reinforced my desire to do that and more. So now I’ve also decided to try and stop using plastic straws and eating utensils too. What can you do?



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Not in my backyard

Okay, they might not be in everyone’s backyard, but they are definitely in Missouri’s. According to this article over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are here in our streams and rivers.

The article is entitled “Chemical Found in Plastics-and Now in Our Water-Makes Male Turtles Develop More Like Females” by



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Garbage in, garbage out

Okay, so not only does the garbage float in the ocean, it also sinks to the bottom. Here are two articles, on for the trash on top and one for what’s below.
The first article is “Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten 100 times worse in 40 years” by Jess Zimmerman at the Grist. With so much made out of plastic now, that makes sense.
The second article is by Dylan Stableford over at Yahoo! News entitled “’Carpet of Garbage’ covers sea floor in Sydney”. This is the part of the story that I must admit I never thought about.
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The sun is shining, the tank is clean…

Okay, it’s a quote from the movie “Nemo”, which my kids watched this past weekend and it got me thinking. Then I saw this post about a Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle named Will over at the Gulf Restoration Network website and anyway, you get the point.

First up, let’s start with a small science lesson. How much water do we have in our oceans? The answer can be found in the article “Ocean’s Depth and Volume Revealed” over at Live Science.

Now that we know the answer, lets take a look at what’s happening in our oceans. Even before the “Oil Spill”, we’ve already done our fair share of damage to the oceans and the post entitled “We’re Taking 100 Million Tons of Sear Creatures From the Ocean & Replacing Them with Plastic: Sylvia Earle”  by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger says it all.

Finally,  for the latest we have “Loop Current Now Dragging Gulf Oil Disaster Towards Florida Keys Updated“, again by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.


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The last straw

I must say that after reading “Canada:Bisphenol A is a Health Hazard” by Sarah Schmidt at Green Change, I knew that I had to write about plastics. In this article it mentions how this chemical is used in everything from baby products to the lining of food cans. Scary stuff!

This article came just after reading “Scientists Reject FDA’a Claim That BPA is Safe” by Meg Kissinger and Susanne Rust at the Milwaukee Journal Senitel via Green Change.

On the good news for this, we have “Sunoco Will Stop Selling Bisphenol A for Use in Children’s Food Products” and “SC Johnson to Phase Out Phtalates“, both at The Daily Green.


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