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So as someone who will sometimes harken back to my childhood day’s of playing in the woods or just outside in general, this video made me do just that. I’m also thinking that since I walk to my local library at work every day, I think I would be someone who if I saw a hopscotch game on the sidewalk, I would probably jump right in.

The article and video, entitled “Surprise Hopscotch Experiment Provides Joy for Pedestrians (video)” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. Maybe if we all got outside a bit more.



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In the childhood of my youth

Who knew that what I was doing back in my childhood outside was actually helping my cognitive development. It’s unfortunate to see that kids playing outside is something that’s happening less and less. While I work hard to get my kids outside, it’s not always easy.

So imagine my surprise when I found this article. It’s entitled “Climbing a tree can improve cognitive skills, researchers say” from the University of North Florida at Science Daily. Maybe this weekend we’ll go climb some trees.



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Down, down, down

As I was cleaning out some old papers tonight, I came across this great article on what we as kids we call helicopter seeds. Those seed pods that are found on our old friend, the silver maple early in spring and then by summer, on our driveways and our yards.

Our house here was actually has surrounded by three of them until recently. We lost a large limb from the one in our back yard and unfortunately we had to have the tree taken down. I love trees, as many people know but the limb you see, fell our our house and that was a problem.

Anyway, the article I uncovered is entitled “Secret Found to Flight of ‘Helicopter Seeds‘” over at LiveScience.



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