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Somehow this summer, the topic of bees has continued to buzz around in my head and so today’s article continues along that theme. As someone who has a family cabin up north in Minnesota, I only wish this idea would spread south to the state of Missouri. Regardless of that however, I’ve finally this summer begun to make my yard more bee friendly

The article is entitled “Minnesota Will Pay Residents to Create Bee Friendly Lawns” by Jordan Davidson over at EcoWatch. Ironically enough, I just took a picture of my first bumblebee up north this summer, which I posted last month in To the north and back.



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Bees crafting

So today I took back the book Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley, mostly because I thought it’s way over my head. At this point, I need to find a book a little more at the beginner’s level, to learn about bees.

Anyway, after coming across this very interesting article entitled “These Special Bees Craft Nests from Flowe Petals” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger, I went ahead and re-requested. I also requested a book I hope will be more what I’m looking for entitled Our Native Bees by Embry Paige. I’ll keep you posted.



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Bees of the sea

I like the title of this article so much I decided just to go with it. Who knew that there were actually marine animals that pollinated plants in the ocean just like bees and other animals on land.

To learn more, check out the article entitled “Like bees of the sea, plankton pollinate plants For the first time, scientists have shown that an ocean plant is pollinated by zooplankton and other tiny marine animals.” by Russell McLendon over at Mother Nature Network. How cool is that?!



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