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Dark skies and light pollution

So after doing a little research, like we librarians like to do, I was able to find the book I mentioned yesterday. The book is entitled The End of Night by Paul Bogard and I highly recommend it. I’ve also included it on the green reading page.

FYI, I also found out he has a new book entitled The Ground Beneath Us. I’ll let you know how that is as I just requested it this morning.



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Save the environment, It’s so easy

Just like this article says, if we all follow the directions on how to save the environment, it will happen just like that. This is according to Sami Grover, the author of the article “Surprise! Stop Polluting and Nature Gets Better over at Treehugger. I wish someone would have told me this years ago!



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There’s no place like home

I would definitely agree with Dorothy but it seems to me that we’re messing up someone else’s home and that is the home of our amazing sea creatures. The article is over at PlanetSave by James Ayre and unfortunately, it tells just part of the story.

It’s entitled “Discarded Fishing Traps Wreaking Extensive Environmental Damage, NOAA Research Finds“. Talking about all the stuff we’re leaving behind when we go fishing in our oceans. We wouldn’t do this in our own home, so let’s not do it in theirs.



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Stars in the sky

The other night I was walking home from the kids school after my daughters 5th Grade Curriculum Night and looked up to see the Big Dipper. What stood out however was how dim the night time sky looked. I thought back to our recent summer vacation and remembered how much darker and crowded teh sky looked. I often describe it to friends as looking as though there isn’t enough room in the sky to fit even one more star.

This article over at Yale Environment 360 entitled “Bring Back the Night: A Fight Against Light Pollution” by Paul Bogard via the Environmental News Network, really brings that issue home.

Star Light, Star Bright!


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Garbage in, garbage out

Okay, so not only does the garbage float in the ocean, it also sinks to the bottom. Here are two articles, on for the trash on top and one for what’s below.
The first article is “Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten 100 times worse in 40 years” by Jess Zimmerman at the Grist. With so much made out of plastic now, that makes sense.
The second article is by Dylan Stableford over at Yahoo! News entitled “’Carpet of Garbage’ covers sea floor in Sydney”. This is the part of the story that I must admit I never thought about.
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Films on Tuesday

For some reason, I seem to write about films on Friday’s. Okay, I never go this posted, so now it’s Films on Tuesday. Anyway, here are a few that sound good.

First up, “Silent Snow Documentary Shows Greenland’s Plight” by Jaymi Heimbach at Treehugger is about the affects of pollution on the Inuits of Greenland.

Next up we have a movie that played last night but has an encore tomorrow entitled “Kingdom of the Blue Whale” over at National Geographic. I might just to have to recommend this to my local library.

Finally, we have ” A Sea Change” at World-Wire, that will premiere at the Environmental Film Festival this Fridayin Washington, D.C.

Happy viewing-


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Who left the lights on?

As a follow up to a recent post about light pollution, there comes this article entitled “Polarized Light Leads Animals Astray: Ecological Traps Cause Animal Behaviors That Can Lead to Death” over at Science Daily.

Lights Out!

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