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Light time

I admit that when Christmas time approaches, I start thinking about putting up the lights on the house. That said, I’m also one of the first to talk about light pollution when I see it. I first really started to think about it when I read the book Voyage of the Turtle by Carl Safina.

Then when I read The End of Night by Paul Bogard, I realized how bad it is. So reading this article only reminded me of those books. The article is entitled “We’re Losing the Night (and that’s not good) by Michael D’estries over at the Mother Nature Network. Definitely a good read, perhaps in the middle of the day, outside on the porch.



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Life without plastic

One day recently, on my morning commute by train to work, I noticed all of the plastic bags along the tracks and it was then that I decided to try and reduce and /or eliminate  my use of plastic bags.

Reading the article entitled “Henderson Island is the Most Remote, Most Polluted Place on Earth” by Katherine Martinko at Treehugger has only reinforced my desire to do that and more. So now I’ve also decided to try and stop using plastic straws and eating utensils too. What can you do?



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Art in nature

When I first decided to go to college, my degree of choice was art. I always loved art class when I was in school and so it made sense. Of course, that lasted about one semester as I realized what I liked and what was considered art by my instructors was not the same.

Looking back however, commercial art isn’t art. So here I am some many years later as a librarian and I’ve think I finally come to understand my love of art. I like writing, in particular writing about the environment and writing poetry.

I also like photography, a gift that my father gave me and why I’m hoping to finally get a camera this year. Until then however, I’ll keep using the one on my phone, trying to find that beauty in nature through a camera lense.

So this leads me to tonight’s article entitled “In Greenland, abandoned oil drums turn into fleeting art . The story here is about the artist Julia Edith Rigby and her desire to find art (or create art) in nature through garbage. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.



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Silence is golden

Tonight when I was getting off the metrolink I noticed a flock of geese flying overhead. As they did, I  wondered how the noise around them, like that from the train, might be affecting them.

Then I thought back to an article I read today entitled “Noise pollution harms wildlife, degrades habitats” by Shreya Dasgupta at the Environmental News Network. Sometimes we forget how much nature is around us. Like that of the geese or the ground hogs that we pass each day on the way to the train.



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