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Recycling in the U.S.

So while the article I posted last week in Recycling A,B,C’s was really a good primer on what to recycle, tonight’s article is an excellent example of why it’s so important to do this. The article here is entitled “How U.S. recycling is changing now that China won’t take it” by Nicole Javorsky at the Grist.

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What can I do?

So tonight’s article is inspired in part by a science project my son is doing for school where he’s counting the number of plastic, paper and reusable bags that people use at our local grocery store over a thirty minute period for the next couple of weeks.

The other part of the inspiration is the article entitled “Plastic pollution seems like such an overwhelming problem. What can I do? by   over at the Grist. Now while the count was a little disappointing:

Plastic 249, Paper 34 and Reusable 33

The article however, at least for me, is just another example of what can be done if we all do our part.



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Everyone can make a difference

So reading this article tonight made me feel like I don’t do enough but then I realized if we all do our own part. For me, it’s reducing the plastics in my life while for this grandmother, she’s helping to clean up the beaches of the British Isles.

The article is entitled “This grandmother spent 2018 cleaning up British beaches — and she’s not done” by Michael d’Estries  over at Mother Nature Network. After reading this article, I’m thinking maybe I can do a little more.



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Since Earth Day is just around the corner…

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference or just celebrate Earth Day, I thought I suggest these articles:

First, this is a small company that actually motivates you to recycle. The article is entitled “RecycleBank, The Recycling Program That Pays You Back Heading to Europe” by Collin Dunn at Treehugger. The title is a bit misleading but worth the time.

Next, here’s the ultimate in harvesting rainwater entitled “Household Rainwater Harvesting” over at Ecospace. This is something I need to do to our house.

Third, ever want to be a scientist, well here’s your chance. “Be a Citizen Scientist With Project BudBurst” over at Science Daily. Go get ’em.

Finally, for those in need of a little therapy, try this article, “Farm Therapy is Effective Mental Health Treatment” by Josh Loposer. As the father of a five year old who loves horses, I highly recommend this article.

Happy Earth Day!

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Recycling tip of the day

This is one article that I had to search high and low to find back but is well worth it. The company Terracycle group is working to remove items from the waste line, one item at a time. The article is entitled “Terracycle and Sponsored Waste” by Llloyd Alter over at Treehugger.

Here’s the original article I was looking for all along. It’s entitled “Send Your Yogurt Cups, Energy-Bar Wrappers, Bottles to Terracycle” over at Planet Green.


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Monday Monday

Today’s post is a mixed-bag to say the least. Speaking of bags, I left a couple of bags stories out. The first comes from Nordstroms in “Nordstrom Bags It” from ENN.

The next comes from Treehugger entitled “Best Use of Plastic Bags” by Bonnie Alter. It’s a story about a lady who  makes new bags from old plastic bags (mostly while traveling on the London Underground).  Check it out.

This article is one that is near and dear to my heart, the EPA Libraries. Yes, they are finally re-opening. The only question that remains is what resources will they have? Rumor has it that when they started shutting them down, they discarded a lot. The article is “EPA Libraries Reopening” by H. Josef Hebert at the A.P.  Here’s a link to the story at USA Today.

Here’s an article updating the lastest on Bees. I wrote something a few months ago how citizens could help out and now here’s an article with an update a year later. “The Weather’s Better, But ‘Bout the Bees”? over at the Daily Green.

Now an update on a post I placed last week about going paperless and the article “Clicking, At Last, on Don’t Print” by Lisa Belkin at the NY Times (See my Earth Hour and Save the Trees”). I will admit I haven’t been 100% sucessful, but I am now only copying and pasting articles more now and have printed up very few. I think I’m on my way. Here’s to going all the way!


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Bagging it

Since I’ve been sick the last couple of days, I thought I would take it easy today and just bag it:

Here are a couple more stories about reusable bags in “IKEA Bans Plastic Bags for Good” by Collin Dunn. The other story that came out today, “Seattle Officials Propose 20-cent Grocery-Bag Fee” by  Sharon Pian Chan is from the Seattle Times courtesy of Grist.

That leads me to this story over at GreenDaily. Could you use another reusable bag? Check out this article, and win a free reusuable bag from Earthbound Farms, I did. The article is “Answer a Bunch of Easy Questions, Get a Reusable Shopping Bag” by Brad Linder.


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