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I’m sure you’re wondering, what is a Inukshuk? Well, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia, it’s a figure made of piled stones or boulders constructed to communicate with humans throughout the Arctic. Perhaps best known as navigational aids for the Inuit in Canada and points north.

So reading this article tonight, entitled “The World Doesn’t Want Your Inukshuk” by Katherine Martinko at Treehugger, got me to thinking about these. While I haven’t come across many, I do remember finding one as we were driving along Lake Superior a couple of summers ago.

It also got me to thinking about the occasional rocks I pick up when on vacation, like around our cabin. Definitely food, or at least rocks, for thought.



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Gifts from the volcano goddess Pele

So while the Kilauea volcano has done tremendous damage as it has erupted, it has also done some (at least to me) amazing things. The most obvious being creating nearly a mile of additional  coastline to the island.

As this article however, also points out, it’s created what is know as Olivine or the gem Peridot. The article is entitled “Hawaiian Volcano Offers Gifts of Gemstones Delivered from the Sky” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. They’re even green to boot.



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Rocks & stones

I get the feeling that I’ve written another post with the same title but it was probably a few years ago. That said, I’ve always been attracted to rocks and stones. If you look around my house, you’ll find plenty of them.

Some from the from various river beds in the area but, most however, from up north in Minnesota around our cabin and that area. In fact, many years ago, my daughter did one of her science fair projects on the rocks up north.

That said, this article from over at Live Science entitled “1.6 Billion Year Old Breath of Life Frozen in Stone” by Stephanie Pappas reminds of some of those rocks and stones as I’ve just recently started to sort them and place them throughout the house.

In fact, I was just re-reading an article that gave me the idea of rewarding my kids by putting rocks in their own jars and rewarding them after they got so many rocks. It’s called “Don’t Lose Your Marbles” by Malissa O’Brian over at Family Fun Magazine. Those are some really good memories.



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When I read the title of this next article, “Rock Piles” by Jean Ponzi over at Earthworms Castings via the Healthy Planet, I knew it was the article for me. As someone who has jars of rocks throughout our house, I too love the stories that rocks tell.



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North Shore, part II

So tonight I entered the Lake Superior Photo Contest with two pictures from our family vacation this past summer. One that I took and one that my daughter took up, both up in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The first one is in my post entitled North Shore (hence the part II) but the second what I didn’t use. Either way, here they both are:


My daughters





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Rock formations

Okay, so I’m not the only person who likes geology. The good folks over at the Mother Nature Network dug up nine amazing rocks. You can check them out over in the article entitled”9 famous rocks from around the world” by Matt Hickman over at the Mother Nature Network.



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Walking by the river

So today I got the kids over to Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park, which I guess you could call our favorite place to go (at least for the boys) when the weather is nice. Anyway, once we got on the trail, we did manage to have some fun.

We took a few pictures, including these three:


The first one appears to be from a cat. My daughter thinks it’s a bobcat.


The second one is from a log that is sunk into the ground. My youngest son thought it was kind of cool.


This last one, my oldest son said looks like a river is cut into the rock.

Anyway, it was fun to get out with the nice weather. It appears that we’re going to get lots of rain the next several days so with the Meramec river still running high, it will be interesting to see what happens.



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