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Still the same

This is one of those articles that just caught my attention. Probably because I’ve always been fascinated by evolution. For the peach seed however, nothing much has changed.

This according to the article entitled “World’s oldest peach pits reveal juicy secrets” by Megan Gannon at Mother Nature News, via LiveScience. Good stuff and good to eat. Maybe I’ll grab some for my next smoothie.



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Seed libraries

In this day and age where we try to get books into as many hands as possible, who knew it would be an issue when it came to seed libraries. Check out the Scott McFetridge article over at Yahoo! via the AP entitled “Seed Libraries’ Popularity Grows in Spite of Laws“.



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Down, down, down

As I was cleaning out some old papers tonight, I came across this great article on what we as kids we call helicopter seeds. Those seed pods that are found on our old friend, the silver maple early in spring and then by summer, on our driveways and our yards.

Our house here was actually has surrounded by three of them until recently. We lost a large limb from the one in our back yard and unfortunately we had to have the tree taken down. I love trees, as many people know but the limb you see, fell our our house and that was a problem.

Anyway, the article I uncovered is entitled “Secret Found to Flight of ‘Helicopter Seeds‘” over at LiveScience.



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So like all good librarians, I went down my local library on my lunch hour as usual and while I was scanning the collection to see what new kids books they had, I came across Seed by Seed: The Legend and Legacy of John “Appleseed” Chapman by Esme Raji Codell.  Now that I’ve read it I have to say what a great book and the next time I read to my kids this will definitely be one of the books.

Now while apple picking season is over here in the midwest (it actually ended when my daughter went to a friend’s birthday party over at Eckert’s Farm  a while back but that’s for another day) I would be remiss if I failed to mention pumpkin seeds, what with Halloween, Thanksgiving and all having just passed not to mention the pumpkin seeds sitting on my table to be stored away until next spring.

Anyway, check out the latest record setting pumpkin in Ron Wallace is the ‘Lord of the Gourd’ With Record-Breaking Giant Pumpkin by Ramon Gonzalez over at Treehugger. This pumpkin weighed over one ton. Wow!

Sleep tight little seeds, little seeds!


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