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Meteorites in Missouri

So this story was all over the local news recently as a meteorite was believed to have struck Warren County, Missouri last night. As someone who has always looked up to the sky, particularly when we’re up in northern Minnesota, I found this story incredibly fascinating.

The article is entitled “Scientists think there may be meteorites in this Missouri pasture. The hunt is on” by over at our local newspaper, the  What I wouldn’t give to go and take a look for the meteorite myself.



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I must admit, despite all of the family vacations we took out west over the years when I was a kid, to the best of my knowledge we never saw a crater. It’s actually only been since we got our family cabin that I think I really began to wonder about space and what is out there.

So I found this article quite interesting about asteroids and the apparent increased frequency of them, according to this article entitled “We are living in an era of high frequency asteroid strikes” by Bryan Nelson over at Mother Nature Network.

Sort of reminds me, in a strange sort of way, how we’re way past the average time between an eruptions at Yellowstone National Park. Kind of scary when you think about it.



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Archaeology of the stars

I must say when I look out at the stars, I don’t really think about what elements make up those stars.  Reading this article however, opened my eyes to the stars and how they are not all the same.

The article is entitled as my post suggests, “The Archaeology of the Stars” by Curtis Brainard over at the New York Times. So the next time I look up at the stars, I’ll remember each one is unique in it’s makeup, really just like human’s.



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I guess I’m one of those who wishes that Pluto was still a planet (and not a dwarf planet). Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen the pictures of Pluto and it’s moon Charon. They really are amazing.

Tonight I watched the Chasing Pluto show on at PBS, talking about the New Horizons spacecrafts journey from Earth to Pluto.Then I watched a video over at Grist entitled “Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert fight about planets“.

Good stuff and I think Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great scientist but I still consider Pluto a planet. I guess I’m old school.



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View from the top

It’s a view of the earth that most people never see. Check out the article and short video about the view entitled “Earth, the Marvelous Blue Orbover at the New York Times by Dennis Overbye.



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Comet heaven

So while we apparently have reached out to the heavens and landed on a comet, there is still so much to learn about these mysterious travelers. Ten years from it’s initial launch, the Rosetta mission has officially landed.

You can find out all about the Philae Lander and it’s successful mission over at EarthSky in the article “Rosetta Mission Places Philae Lander On it’s Comet“. You can also learn more about the history of the mission in the article entitled “Philae Lander Nears a Cosmic Touchdown” by Kenneth Chang at the New York Times.

Now of course, there is also a lot to learn a little closer to home. This according to David Freeman over at the Huffington Post in the article Canada’s Vast ‘Sudbury Basin’ Was Created by Comet, Study Says.

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Here comes the sun

Well. around here we had the sun for a few warm days but it appears to be leaving for a while, so I thought I would dedicate this post to the great George Harrison song, Here Comes the Sun. Hopefully it’ll be back soon.

First up is this article letting us know that maybe the sun has a sibling. The article is entitled “Our Sun Now Has a Brother Star, the First One Ever Found” over at EarthSky. How cool is that?!

This next article is about one of my favorite topics in regard to the sun, the solar flare. In this case it’s called an x-flare and I have to say that why I don’t know what that is,  you can check it out at over in this article, “The Best-Observed X-Flare in History“, also over at EarthSky via NASA.

Finally, this article is about a square-shaped hole in the sun (and that sort of freaks me out). None the less, the article is entitled “NASA Spots Square-Shaped ‘Hole’ in the Sun (Video)” and is also over at Space.

Hats off!


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