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A thin bridge of sand and rock

As much as I’m afraid of spiders, I still find them fascinating. I also thought that this article about them gives us a good example of just how fragile  ecosystems can be.  Just a thin bridge of sand and rock is what connects these two countries.

Check out the article “Critically Endangered Tarantula Links India and Sri Lanka” by John R. Platt over at the Extinction Countdown blog from Scientific American.



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How spiders fly!

I know I’ve watched way too many movies with my kids but I have to say I was surprised that even some of the animated ones we watch are educational. Take Charlotte’s Web, directed by Gary Winick for example. In the movie (and I won’t say where so as not to spoil it) they show lots of tiny spiders taking off into the air as they are hanging by a web.

Well, it turns out that they really do this. According to this story “Happy Early Halloween: Dallas Tangled in Flying Spider Webs” by Barbara Schmitt, it’s happening right now and not just in Dallas. To see more on this, check out the article “How Spiders ‘Fly’ Hundreds of Miles” by Bjorn Carey at Live Science. Who knew!?

Up, up and away!

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Along came a spider

This past weekend, my youngest child saw a brown spider about the size of a nickel sitting in the kid’s toy food down in our basement and therefore ran to me for help. With it resting quietly inside their toy blender, I took a piece of cardboard, placed it on top and did the old catch and release outside.

Now while I don’t think it was the ever popular Brown Recluse, I also didn’t take the time to fetch my guidebook to look it up.  The reason being I didn’t want to end up getting bit like Jack Landers in his story over at the New York Times entitled “Dancing with Black Widow Spiders” and not that I would have, I’ve just never been that fond of spiders.


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Word of the day – Arachnid

So I got to my son’s class this morning to volunteer and unfortunately they had a substitute. For some however, it was a nice change of pace as their substitute apparently really enjoys spiders. So in his honor, I thought I would post an article or two on arachnids or spiders.

This first one comes for over at the High Country News and was written by someone else who also enjoys spiders. The article is entitled “Two Legs Good, Eight Legs Fascinating” by  Marian Lyman Kirst. Okay I’m not a huge fan of spiders (and neither is my son) but it’s a good read. Turns out she also got to do a little citizen science. Cool!

There’s also this article over at Live Science on the latest arachnid to be discovered, this Tarantula as big as your face in “Meet the Tarantula as Big as Your Face” by Marc Lallanilla. Talk about scary!



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