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Your own back yard

As I’ve said before, I really miss going to the parks and taking pictures these days but it’s allowed me to take a closer look in my backyard and neighborhood. Using the sun as a backdrop to try and create some beautiful pictures.

Today’s picture is one I took this morning while the sun came up as I looked out over the neighborhood. I was watching the sun as it reflected off some of the trees. Maybe I’ll take some more  pictures tomorrow.




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The flower and the ant

Despite all that’s going on all around us humans, the rest of the world continues to move on as is evident with spring. To me, this picture is just another example of nature moving on with this ant and flower. For them, time moves on.

This is a picture I took the other day of a flower in my neighbors front yard. As I took a look around, it was easy to see how nature does not slow down or stop. Hopefully we can all see this and say hello spring!




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Plaster bees & spring

So I’d been at my new library job for exactly one week when I was told to take off the next two weeks, thankfully though I’m getting paid. I’m no longer a legal librarian but a medical librarian and with all that’s going on at hospitals, it’s really no surprise.

Since I have lots of time off, I’ve been taking lots of pictures and this is one of my latest. It’s a plaster bee over at one of our local parks, Powder Valley Nature Center but unfortunately, I don’t know what time of flower it is. I’ll need to do a little research on that. If I haven’t said it before, I just love bees. Anyway, enjoy!




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Sunset in the neighborhood

While I still haven’t gotten any of my pictures uploaded yet on my photography page, maybe this is just the way to go for a while, with all that’s going on. This is the sunset last night from our neighborhood.


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always had a fascination with the clouds and the sky. Working where I did for almost fifteen years, until recently, gave me the opportunity to connect with them even more because the library where I worked was on the twenty-second floor.

Turns out one of my sweetest friends just told me, it’s the first day of Spring. So happy Spring Equinox!



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Spring time

So with all that’s going, I thought tonight I would just post something simple. Today, I noticed some crocus flowers that I thought had already bloomed but apparently I was wrong.

Anyway, here’s a picture of them when they were in full bloom, early in the morning:


and after they had boomed, in the late afternoon:


Something so simple, yet so beautiful. Happy Spring!



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Bee whisperer

So this is an article I came across tonight about a gentleman known as a bee whisperer and since bees have been a topic of mine lately, it made sense to post this article. I will say, with all my interest in photography the past few months, one of my favorite subjects has been bees. One of my favorite pictures of a honeybee is this one I took a couple of summers ago, before I really got into using my new camera.


I think I may have actually posted this picture before. Anyway, the article tonight is entitled “Behold the bare-handed bee whisperer who is saving the honeybeesby over at Treehugger. I still love that picture.



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Following the bees

So in keeping with the bee theme here, I came across this article a few weeks ago about what are believed to be one of the earliest drawings of bees, somewhere between 1625 and 1630.

These drawings are courtesy of a compound microscope sent to the artist by their friend Galileo. The article is entitled “Spring Bees over at our local newspaper, the Webster-Kirkwood Times.



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So as someone who has always loved maps, here’s an article on some new maps created by the U.S. Geological Survey regarding spring and when it arrived this year. The article is entitled “Where is spring arriving early this year? by Mary Jo DiLonardo over at the Mother News Network. While maps are a good thing, the news associated with these maps isn’t necessarily all good.



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Blue skies ahead

Today, instead of heading over to Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park,  the kids and I headed out to Laumeier  Sculpture Park for our weekly communion with nature.  Just like spring, it appears that blue skies are coming as this picture by youngest son shows.


Good Night!


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If a tree blooms in the woods…

Okay, so it should say if a tree falls in the woods but the point here is it seems a little early for trees getting ready to bloom but if you look outside in my front yard, I have a Bradford Pear tree that looks ready to bloom. So that got me to thinking about trees and climate change and the like.

So anyway, first up is an article entitled “Pine Beetle Attacks Alter Climate Over Canadian Forests” by Deanna Conners over at EarthSky.

Then I saw this article on the same day entitled “Peatland Forest Loss and Climate Change” by Alex Peel over at the Environmental News Network via Planet Earth on Line. So one plus one equals what again?

Finally there was this article over at Science Daily that was titled “Spring May Come Earlier to North American Forests, Increasing Uptake of Carbon Dioxide” originally written by Cather­ine Zan­donella. Okay, you do the math.



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