Meteorites in Missouri

So this story was all over the local news recently as a meteorite was believed to have struck Warren County, Missouri last night. As someone who has always looked up to the sky, particularly when we’re up in northern Minnesota, I found this story incredibly fascinating. The article is entitled “Scientists think there may beContinue reading “Meteorites in Missouri”

Circle around the sun

“Circle round the sun“, to quote an old Poi Dog Pondering song, “turn, turn, turn“. What a great song! Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated by solar flares and shockwaves. So today’s article, “For the first time, scientists capture a shockwave bursting from the sun” by Christian Cotroneo over at Mother News Network was a great read.Continue reading “Circle around the sun”

What’s under our feet

So the book I’m reading right now is entitled The Ground Beneath Us, the second book I’ve read by Paul Bogard and ironically it’s around the same time of year as when I read his first one. When we’re getting ready to go on vacation to our cabin in Minnesota, which it turns out isContinue reading “What’s under our feet”

Archaeology of the stars

I must say when I look out at the stars, I don’t really think about what elements make up those stars.  Reading this article however, opened my eyes to the stars and how they are not all the same. The article is entitled as my post suggests, “The Archaeology of the Stars” by Curtis BrainardContinue reading “Archaeology of the stars”