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Who doesn’t love ladybugs?

So with all the floods, storms, etc…going on around here in the Midwest, it’s nice to see this story about the National Weather Service and the huge blob that turned up on their radar recently. Turns out it was actually a massive swarm of ladybugs.

The article is entitled “Massive ladybug swarm over California shows up on radar” over at Yahoo courtesy of the Associated Press. Now that’s my kind of storm front.



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Rain and storms tomorrow

Tonight they mentioned a chance for rain and some lightning, which got me to thinking and looking for this article. It’s entitled “How Hot is Lightning?” by  By Yuen Yi over at LiveScience.

Having some idea now of how hot it can get, here’s to Thor and hoping that whatever lightning may occur, it occurs far, far away from the tree in my front yard.



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Shortly after I graduated in from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education back in 1985, I got my first job working at the St. Louis Community College at Meramec as an instructor in their fitness center teaching students how to use their  nautilus equipment.

Fast forward to just over thirty years and here I am writing a post about nautilus, not the fitness equipment but, the beautiful chambered cephalopod for whose shape the equipment is designed upon. Who knew?!

Anyway, tonight I came across an article over at the Center for Biological Diversity on a petition they submitted to the National Marine Fisheries Service asking for the nautilus to be given protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Then being the research librarian that I am today, I searched to find some more articles on this topic and low and behold, I came across the group Save the Nautilus. How cool is that?



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One if by land, two if by sea

Unlike the original meaning of that phrase regarding the british, it seems like today the same can be said about how the next disaster that is approaching across the United States. Maybe one if by water or two if by fire. You could also add three for the wind?

Depending on where you live, it could be one or more. For those out west there is this article, “Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Thousands in Northern Los Angeles County” by Jennifer Preston over at The Lede, a New York Times blog.

While here in the midwest we have the overflowing Mighty Mississippi River.  For the latest on what it’s doing, check out “Rising Rivers Flooding Parts of St. Louis Area” over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Just tonight in fact, a levy broke over in Alton, Illinois.

Finally, in the south and again in the midwest, we have the heartbreaking story entitled “Chasing the Storm but Hoping not to Catch it” by Michael Schwirtz also in the New York Times. What’s even more disconcerting is that hurricane season is also just beginning.

Take care and be safe!


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April showers bring May flowers

Okay, the way it looks, we may just need one day of showers. The kids and I actually just bought some flower and vegetable seeds to get ready for spring but as of yet, we haven’t planted them. It’s on our agenda for this weekend but meanwhile, something that might be worth checking out as this band of storms heads our way are those storm clouds and so in preparation for that, we have this article over at the New York Times from a couple of years ago entitled “A Guide to Entice Heads Into the Clouds” by Cornelia Dean.

Now I haven’t read Mr. Pretor-Pinney’s new book yet, The Cloud Collector’s Handbook (which is talked about in the article), I have read his earlier one entitled The Cloudspotter’s Guide and it’s well worth the read. I did however, just check it out at the library and I’ll keep you posted. You can check out all his books over at the Cloud Appreciation Society website.

Floating away!


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Perhaps mother nature is our greatest teacher

To follow up on an earlier post of mine entitled “Have we learned nothing from mother nature? ” perhaps we are learning, each and every day. It seems this  recent article entitled “In Island‘s Shifted Sands, Signs of a Hurricane’s Power” by Henry Fountain over at the New York Times gives us an answer that question.

Check it out!


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After the “super storm”

Tonight as I sit and sift through some old copies of the Science section from the New York Times, I came across an article about hurricane Ike entitled “After Hurricane Ike, Finding the Coastline Rearranged, Again” from September of 2008 and it got me to thinking, I  wonder how Long Island fared in all of this?



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