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Viva la France

To be honest I don’t think I post lot of article about what’s going on in other parts of the world but as my kids well know, I’ve always been partial to France. From learning (or trying to learn) french in high school to going to Paris many years ago, so tonight’s posting shouldn’t be a surprise to them.

The article is entitle “A Revolution in Brittany: Mayors Defy French State to Ban Pesticides” by Adam Nossiter over at the New York Times. Safe to say what goes on in other parts of the world concerning the environment, affect us all. Also, it kind of makes me long to visit France again.



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Heading up north

I know it’s not time yet to start planning our trip up north, but when I saw this article on a small town in Minnesota near our family cabin, I thought I needed to post this. The article/video is courtesy of channel WCCO 4 News in Minnesota and the story is entitled “Finding Minnesota: Ghost Town Comes Back to Life“.

By the way, the town is named Emmaville, so if you know someone named Emma, have them stop by and they can even get their picture taken. You can also see what’s going on by visiting their homepage, the Emmaville Store or their blog entitled “Rediscovering Emmaville“.



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