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Biking through Paris

Okay, I’ve been to Paris and I’ve definitely biked but never have I biked in Paris. That said, it seems like Paris is way ahead of us when it comes to biking and the roads.

The city I live in has some bike roads but the one thing I’ve noticed is that not everyone reads the directions the same way. To stop or not to stop at a red light, signaling to turn or even which side of the road to bike on.

According to this article, “City of Paris to let cyclists go through (some) red lights” by Lloyd Alter over at Treehugger, the Parisians are making an attempt. At this point, I need to make an attempt to get my biking working again. The last time I road it was probably sixteen years ago, the age of my oldest son.



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The microbes have it

Who knew that when I’m ride the local metrolink here in St. Louis that along with all the passengers sitting around me that there are many more that I can’t see.

According to this article over at LiveScience, “The Microbes That Ride the NYC subway With You” by Megan Gannon. Sounds like a really gross  citizen science project.



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Carless and proud of it (sort of)

So yes, according to the news these days, I’m part of a growing trend (those who don’t own a car). Granted however, it’s not by choice but I came across this article the other day and it made me feel a little better. The article is entitled “Paris Bans Cars, Makes Transit Free to Fight Air Pollution” by John Upton over at the Grist.

With Paris being one of my favorite cities and one that I have been fortunate enough to visit, I thought how cool is that?



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I’m leaving on a solar plane

Okay, I’m not leaving on a solar, or jet plane for that matter, but I’ve always liked the song. Anyway, according to Jess Zimmerman over at the Grist, the Solar Impulse is an all-solar plane that’s flying from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. this year and it turns out that it’s making a stop in St. Louis around late May or Early June.

I’m definitely planning on taking my kids up there to see it. If you can’t make it or it’s not making a stop in your town, then the next best thing to do would be to read Jess Zimmerman’s article entitled “Watch a Solar Plane Fly Across America“. Along with the article is a live map.

Up, up and away!


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Going and going and…gone

I don’t talk much about transportation here but perhaps I will today in honor of this article over at Yahoo! It’s entitled NPR ‘Car Talk’ duo retiring; reruns to continue. Now while I don’t have a car and I haven’t listen to them for quite some time, if you have to drive a car then these guys will help you make it last as long as possible and that’s a good thing.

We’ll miss you guys!
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Getting home

It was this article, “Ambitions as Deep as Their Pockets” by William J. Broad at the New York Times, which I read after getting home from vacation on submarines that got me started thinking about this post and the Trieste’s.

Last year National Geographic honored the fiftieth anniversary of the Trieste’s visit to the deepest part of any ocean on the planet. Check it out here at “Deepest Dive: Geographic Honors Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” by Ford Cochran at the Treehugger via National Geographic.



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Kids stuff

These are just a couple of articles I’ve been hanging to about some  of the things my kids like.

First up, for the boys Evan & Julian we have “Old Railroad Trestle in St. Louis May Become a Park” by Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The other article is for my daughter Gwen and it’s entitled “A Country Gone to the Wolves” by Patrick McGroarty at the Wall Street Journal.

Play on!

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