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Forest bathing

So reading tonight’s article is just another one of those moments where things just sort of come together. It all started with the book I just finished today entitled The Hidden Life of Trees and where the author Peter Wohlleben, talked about all the benefits of trees, one of which is the compound phytoncides. It’s something that is emitted by trees and breathed in by humans.

Anyway, to learn more, just check out Peter Wohlleben’s book or at least read the article entitled “Vast New Study Confirms Significant Health Benefits of Nature” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. It might let you see trees in a whole new light.



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Walk this way

So tonight I’m going to continue walking this way and talk about an article that reminds me of back in the day, when I use to walk to school everyday. The article is entitled “When Did People Forget They Could Walk?” by Ilana Strauss over at Treehugger.

Why I don’t walk a lot at home, I do walk everyday on my lunch hour at work. Mostly I go to visit my friends down at my local downtown library but I also go to the city garden and get exercise while taking pictures to send to my very good friend on the other side of the world.



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So as someone who will sometimes harken back to my childhood day’s of playing in the woods or just outside in general, this video made me do just that. I’m also thinking that since I walk to my local library at work every day, I think I would be someone who if I saw a hopscotch game on the sidewalk, I would probably jump right in.

The article and video, entitled “Surprise Hopscotch Experiment Provides Joy for Pedestrians (video)” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. Maybe if we all got outside a bit more.



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Bike, run or walk

As someone who walks a fair amount, at least on my lunch hour at work, I thought I would continue on this path by posting an article entitled “9 Great Things Walkers and Bikers Know about Their Communities that You Don’t” by Starre Vartan at Mother Nature Network.



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Nature walks

I don’t normally don’t write two posts on the same night but this article by a friend of mine was just too good to pass up. The post, entitled “Two Treks and What I Learned On Them” by Jean Ponze over at Earthworms Castings (via the Healthy Planet), talks about the importance of treks or getting out in nature similar to my blog post Dose of Nature last month.



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Dose of nature

Okay, this is a great article on something I truly believe in, that getting outside is a good thing. I take a walk (ironically, it’s too my local library) every day on my lunch hour at work and I truly believe it help’s keep or put me in a great mood if I’m not already.

The article is entitled “The Power of a Dose of Nature” by Florence Williams over at the Wall Street Journal but unlike most article over there, you should be able to access it without an account but, just to be safe, it’s in the Review section of last weekend’s paper (January 28-29).

It’s these types of articles that keep me dragging my kids outside on our weekends and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

See you outside!


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Different shade of green

So I took my own advice today and went out to nearby Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park to see a different shade of green. Since I didn’t have my kids today, I took the path that they never want to take and I must say, we’re taking it next time. It reminded me of another park we went to a couple of weeks ago, Castlewood State Park.

The first two pictures are from Emmenegger Park:



These two are from Castlewood:



I only wish I would have had my kids today.



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