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Green business

I try hard at home and at work, to do things green whenever possible. For example, since I’m in charge of inventory at the library where I work, I make sure to either donate or recycle all of the excess computer equipment that we have.

Now over the years I’ve donated many of our old computers to schools and small businesses every chance I get. What I’m unable to donate, I then recycle with the Boy Scouts.

The article I’m posting tonight is about a local company here in St. Louis that also donates as much of it’s excess as possible too, though their excess is a bit different than mine. The article is entitled “Urban Chestnut Gets National Award for Waste Reduction Efforts” by Bryce Gray at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I’m not a beer drinker reallt but I must say I’m tempted to try some of Urban Chestnut’s beer.



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