Who doesn’t love ladybugs?

So with all the floods, storms, etc…going on around here in the Midwest, it’s nice to see this story about the National Weather Service and the huge blob that turned up on their radar recently. Turns out it was actually a massive swarm of ladybugs. The article is entitled “Massive ladybug swarm over California showsContinue reading “Who doesn’t love ladybugs?”

It hasn’t rain in days…

Okay, in some place’s it hasn’t rained in centuries, this according to the article entitled “It hadn’t rained here in centuries – now it’s raining and everything’s dying” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. Who knew that rain could lead to mass extinction’s due to climate change? Sincerely-   Green Librarian

Tornado alley is moving

As someone who thought we already live in tornado alley, it’s not exactly what you hear that actually tornado alley is moving closer to you. This according to the article entitled “Tornado Activity Rising Farther East, Including Missouri and Illinois, but Scientist aren’t Sure Why” by Seth Borenstein at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Watching theContinue reading “Tornado alley is moving”