Yellowstone National Park or ecosystem

This is a video that I just came across recently but it’s actually from several years ago and it’s a perfect example of how I believe that in nature when you upset one piece of the pie, the rest of the pie is upset as well. The story/video is entitled “How Wolves Change Rivers –Continue reading “Yellowstone National Park or ecosystem”

Wolves & our ecosystems

Reading this article tonight is just another example of how removing even one species from an ecosystem shows us that everyone plays a role here on earth. The article here is about one of my favorite animals, the wolf and one of my favorite parts of nature, our trees. The article is entitled “After KillingContinue reading “Wolves & our ecosystems”

Okay, back to the great lakes region

So I came across this article a few days ago courtesy of the Duluth News Tribune and it’s a  sad story,in large part because of the reason for the decline. The article is entitled “National Park Service wants to bring new wolves to Isle Royale” by John Myers. I’m happy though that the National ParkContinue reading “Okay, back to the great lakes region”