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The land of evolutionary misfits

It seems like I’ve read a lot of books over the last several years on the topic of evolution and so when I read this article, I knew I had to write a post on it. While for may animals, their place on the tree of life is easy to locate, others are a challenge. This is one of those challenges.

The article is entitled “Evolution Misfit: Misunderstood Worm-Like Fossil Finds it’s Place in the Tree of Life” from the University of Cambridge over at  Science Daily. Don’t forget to heck out the picture that’s with the article. Wow!



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Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to fish many times up north at our family cabin and most of those times have meant using leeches. Now while in the beginning I felt more than a little uneasy, I’ve actually grown fond of them and therefore as the kids and I are planning our yearly pilgrimiage, here is an article on scientists who have grown to love whatever animal they’ve spent their lives studying including our friend the leech. The article is entitled “Falling in Love May Take a Lifetime of Research” by James Gorman at the New York Times.



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