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With all the turmoil going on in my life recently, what with me soon to lose my day job due to budget cuts and then my body decides this is too stressful and figures I need to catch a cold, I must say photography has definitely been something to help me de-stress.

So hopefully, sooner rather than late, I’m looking to upgrade this website and perhaps sell a few of my photos. Now obviously I’m not looking to make much money here but really that’s not the point.

With a little luck, maybe it become something I can continue to do and even expand on. Meanwhile, my search for a new job continues as does my writing and photography of nature, so stay tuned!



Green Librarian

Words for nature

Now I came across today’s article from a blog I’d honestly never heard of before called Writeshop. I happened upon it as I was creating a display at work for the December theme Write to a Friend Month.

The article, entitled “How to make word banks about nature” by and it reminded me of an older post I did about the words we have for nature and how these days, they seem to be disappearing.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember for the life of me the article I’m referring to but when I do, I will remember to post it. Okay, update, I did find the post. It’s entitled “What is landscape?“. Enjoy!



Green Librarian

Roadless roads

Today on the metrolink, for the first time in a long time, I got out a small journal I have and started to write. Maybe it’s a song, maybe it’s a poem, I don’t know but hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to work on it. It’s entitled Roadless roads and was inspired by the paths up in the sky that the birds take, wherever their headed.

Meanwhile, today I received an e-mail from the Missouri by the Department of Conservation that described a new website entitled Great Missouri Birding Trails but unfortunately when I tried to access it tonight, it didn’t come up and so for that reason I decide do go a different route (See Flowing right along below). Funny how things change.

So now what I’ve decided to do (after already writing my usual post) is write another post about an article on the MDC website entitled “New Great Missouri Birding Trail website takes flight” by Lucas Bond. Hopefully that link will work. After all, it work this afternoon while I was at work.

Meanwhile, tomorrow the kids and I will be heading over to Amphibian Night to check out the Peeper frogs and other local amphibian by the Jay Henge Shooting Range, where they have a couple of ponds.



Green Librarian

Still interested in science writing?

So I happened to stumble on this article tonight as I was going through some old magazines at home tonight. The article is in Mizzou Magazine, courtesy of the University of Missouri at Columbia (where I received my Masters in Library Science) and is entitled “Lifting Heavy Metals“.

Now the article is all about what it says, sort of.  It is about the work of David Mendoza-Cozatl, an Assistant Professor of Plant Science at the University of Missouri and the work he’s doing with how plants absorb mineral. What  really caught my attention was the fact that as part of a recent grant he obtained, he will be bringing in journalism students interested in science writing.

So if you know someone interested in science writing, send them on over to Professor Mendoza-Cozatl in the School of Plant Sciences  at the University of Missouri at Columbia.



Greeb Librarian

It’s never to late to start enjoying and/or writing about science

I have to say that when I was younger, the topic of science never appealed to me. Having kids however, changed all that. As I have written about many times before, I really enjoyed helping my kids over the years with their science fair projects.

I think that’s about the time, around 2007, that I started the Green Librarian website and blog. Now even though they decided to stop participating in the science fair as of last year, I still enjoy reading books on a diverse range of science topics. I would also add that science ties in real nice with the environment, the topic closest to my hear within the field of science.

Anyway, one website that I enjoy visiting when looking for ideas on what to write about is Scientific American. They also never seem to be a shortage of articles on science journalism and here is one of the latest. It’s entitled “Young Science Journalists Take to the Zoo” by Alex Jackson over on their @SA blog.



Green Librarian

Speaking of writing

I thought I would pass along the recent writings of my daughter Gwen. Seems there is a bit of an environmentalist in her as well. It’s entitled “Adventures of the Sea“. In fact, she will soon have her own blog (coming soon) entitled “Pause Pollution“.

Sorry for the small print. I’ll try and fix that tonight.



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