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Vacation time


So for most of the last week, this is where I was, northern Minnesota or what I like to call heaven. It seems like every sunset we see up there is different. This year though, we also went up to Winnipeg, Canada and I must say we had a great time up there too. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of our time there. I’ll have to ask my daughter if she has any. I was busy just enjoying the moments.



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Pirates and the environment

So who knew that pirate ships sitting at the bottom of the ocean, would one day help scientist studying sun spots, hurricanes and climate change? Well, that’s what’s happening according to the article “Ahoy, Mateys! Downed Ships Reveal Hurricane History” by Tia Ghose over at Live Science.

To me, pirate ships are something that my oldest son use to love reading and learning about. We even got the chance to see some of the remains of the pirate ship Whydah over at the St. Louis Science Center.



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North star

So it seems that even the Navy agrees that maybe it’s a good thing to learn to navigate using the stars. I guess it’s sort of a back up plan in case their GPS goes on the fritz.

While I love technology as much as the next person, after all I couldn’t be writing this blog post without it, sometimes the best things in life are free. Like the stars or sun that can tell you which way is north or that landmark tree that you use to know where to turn next.

The article is entitled “Navy to resume navigating by the stars” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. See, nature definitely has it advantages.

Good night!


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Sun tornado

Okay, those are two words I would never have thought to put together. It seems that back in early September there was a tornado on the sun that was 5 million degrees Fahrenheit and that spun nearly 10,000 mph.

You can check out the whole story over at GrindTV in the article entitled “Tornado that is 5 million degrees rages on sun for 40 hours” by . All I can say is Wow!



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Here comes the sun

Well. around here we had the sun for a few warm days but it appears to be leaving for a while, so I thought I would dedicate this post to the great George Harrison song, Here Comes the Sun. Hopefully it’ll be back soon.

First up is this article letting us know that maybe the sun has a sibling. The article is entitled “Our Sun Now Has a Brother Star, the First One Ever Found” over at EarthSky. How cool is that?!

This next article is about one of my favorite topics in regard to the sun, the solar flare. In this case it’s called an x-flare and I have to say that why I don’t know what that is,  you can check it out at over in this article, “The Best-Observed X-Flare in History“, also over at EarthSky via NASA.

Finally, this article is about a square-shaped hole in the sun (and that sort of freaks me out). None the less, the article is entitled “NASA Spots Square-Shaped ‘Hole’ in the Sun (Video)” and is also over at Space.

Hats off!


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Slow to a crawl yet faster than the speed of light

As I’m getting ready to turn in after a long day, I’m really starting to slow down. In fact, I’m just about to crawl into bed but probably not at the speed of light. However, according to his article “Light Slowed to a Crawl in Liquid Crystal Matrix” over at Science Daily, that could change.

It seems that researchers from France and China have found a way to throttle the velocity of light back to less than one billionth of its top speed. So maybe I can slow down to a crawl and yet go faster than the speed of light.

Night, night!


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Back from the northwoods

Okay, so we made it back around 3:00pm  this afternoon without catching a single fish (as there was a near total freeze out last winter) on our lake and no ribbons from the turtle race but we did manage to bring back some amazing memories. Here’s one of the sunset on our first night up there.

Town Line Lake



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