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Dogs and wolves

As someone whose always loved wolves, this was a really cool article that came out last week about the discovery of an 18,000 year old puppy in Siberia that may help scientist truly connect the two.

The article is entitled “Mummified Pup Died in Siberia 18,000 Years Ago … And Might Be a Wolf (or Something Else)” by Mindy Weisberger over at LiveScience. At this point, scientist are unsure if this is a wolf, a dog or something else. I guess what can be said is stay tune to find out.



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Border collies and wildfires

Who knew that border collies could help out with restoring the burnout forests of Chile by simply running around and playing. It seems that the Torres sister’s and their border collies did just that in this article entitled “Border Collies Run Like the Wind to Bring New Life to Chilean Forest” by Mary Jo Dilonardo over at the Mother News Network.



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Ice age puppies

As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m suddenly reminded of the movie Ice Age. I have to admit though, when I think of that time period, I think more of wolves than I do dogs.

Anyway, according to the article entitled “Caveman’s best friends? Preserved Ice Age puppies awe scientists” by Maria Antonova over at, these dogs or puppies are over twelve thousand years old.

With a little luck, maybe scientist will learn a little more about dogs and their relationship to wolves.

Woof! woof!


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Cat guy

Despite the fact that I’ve told my daughter I’m a dog person (and even though I have a cat), when I read this article it occurred to me that maybe I’m also a cat guy.

Looking back when I was much younger, I must admit I was always fond of the big cats like leopards, cheetahs, tigers, bobcats and  lynxs.

So when I read the article “California outlaws recreational and commercial bobcat trapping” by Louis Sahagun over at the LA Times, I thought hmmm…Maybe it’s time to admit that I’m both a cat and dog guy.



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Sheep dogs & penguins

Another one of those times where the two topics appear to have nothing in common. I do however remember this story from sometime ago and so I was pleasantly surprised to read about it again.

The article is over at the New York Times and is entitled “Australia Deploys Sheepdogs to Save a Penguin Colony” by Austin Ramzy. The dogs remind me of our family dogs, Megan and Toledo, both Newfoundland’s. They were just great dogs and very loyal to family.



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Dogs & Wolves

I took the day off today, a mental health day as it were and so my main objective was to clean out the backlog of newspapers sitting on my closet shelf. I would have mowed the lawn but it was near 100 degrees outside and so inside it was.

Anyway, I came across this article from a couple of years ago entitled “A Dog That Goes Way Back:” by Jack Hitt over at the New York Times. It immediately reminded me of the book A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans that I started a while back (and my daughter even read for a while) but unfortunately I peeked ahead and the ending wasn’t what we hoped it would be.

The article however, is a good read and one that definitely adds to my knowledge of dogs. I might have to show it to my daughter as she loves dogs and continues to look for a way to get me one. Unfortunately I’m gone nearly twelve hours a day and that makes it impossible as far as I can tell. Just don’t try telling her.



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Cats and dogs and people, oh my!

Here are two  stories, one about a cat and one about a dog and how perhaps we humans can  get along withthem if we just work together.

The first story, “Lonely Cougars Look for Love in Southern California” by Sheila V. Kumar at the Wall Street Journal. Here we have the state of California and several interest groups looking to build the cougars their own freeway overpass, in order to help them survive in our highway world.

The other article is entitled “Coyote Struck by SUV, Gets Stuck in Bumper” by David Strege at GrindTV. This kind soul not only took him to a rehabilitation center, he also helped pay for the expenses.



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